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Professional Photography

Our Unique Photography Team

Two distinct photography styles geared to capture every moment, with over seven years together as a team. Serving the Columbus and Central Ohio areas.
With twenty plus years of photography experience, Jeremy had his first camera in hand before he was eight years old (an old 1/10). He then worked as a school newspaper and yearbook photographer until graduation. Continuing his passion throughout his amateur experience, building skill and poise, capturing everything from landscapes to life events. Building that love until he graduated top of his photography class in 2001. Priding himself on his professionalism and skill, he uses his photojournalistic style to capture realistic moments.
Newer to the world of Wedding photography, Caleigh has a fresh eye for capturing the softer aspects that go unnoticed. Her attention to detail excels her passion in black and white photography. "I feel it gives each photo a timeless raw feel," Caleigh says "letting you experience the emotion right through the photograph." Capturing spirit and beauty are her primary concerns on this team.
Let our professionally created images make your story the center of attention.

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