I became a photographer because I'm passionate about my art. I don't take pictures to capture moments: I want to tell your story. I want you to feel confident, gorgeous, and authentic every time you look at your photos.


My camera will show the world your story. be unique. be confident. be you.

Don't Follow The Crowd, Let The Crowd Follow You!

​Margaret Thatcher

​​I am an Artist

I started learning about photography around eight years old. Long before I understood what ISO meant or the need for a different shutter speed, I knew that photography would be a life-long dream.

I've spent most of my life learning different artistic styles and concepts until I graduated top of my class in photography. I started my photography career working for the government, and have continued ever since.

As an adult, I've always dreamed of the day I could make full-time photography my life's work again. Five years ago my wife and I made that happen when we launched Relics Imaging.

Hi, I'm Jeremy

I believe in setting the bar high, even if not everyone else does.

I am always looking for better ways to accomplish goals in my life. I do not believe faster is always better.

I crave adventure, and look for new experiences and ideas. I believe in exceeding others expectations, not conforming to them.

I prefer to lead the crowd. The stories I tell are unique.

Live in your own Uniqueness

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